Corfu Island

Hidden on the northwestern corner of Greece, with strong Venetian influences and charms unique in Greece, Corfu Island is a bewitching holiday destination. The island is green with bountiful wildlife and arresting landscapes, coastal cliffs and stunning beaches. Complementing the island’s natural beauty is a colourful culture that never ceases to impress visitors.

When visiting Corfu, the Pontikonisi islet, together with the tiny monastery of Vlacherna, built on a rock in the sea, with a small pathway through the water leading to it are two of the most characteristic images of Corfu harbour and the first to capture your eye – and heart. Lying close to the shore, the largest square of not just Greece but of all the Balkans, the majestic Spianada, is the centre of Corfu’s Old Town. Near the Spianada, the Liston, a classic Venetian pedestrian street epitomizes Corfu’s graceful character and is the perfect spot for walks and lounging in chic cafes, bars and restaurants.

Leaving the town of Corfu, in the small village of Gastouri, the Royal Achilleion Palace is where you will feel that fairytales are real; a magnificent palace built for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria dominates the landscape. The remarkable architecture, the noble décor inspired by ancient Greek mythology and the famous statue of Achilles are the highlight of Achilleion, perhaps the most popular and instantly recognizable attraction of Corfu. Another awe-inspiring spectacle, the Canal d’ Amour carved in the rocky coast of Sidari is a highly popular spot for romantic wedding proposals but also, for intimate moments due to its bewitching ambience you shouldn’t miss when sightseeing around the island.

Other superb attractions that are highly recommended on the island are the breathtaking Porto Timoni, a secluded beach nestled in a rocky cove brimming with marine life, the dramatic Cape Drastis, and the gorge at Agni Bay. As for savouring local cuisine, in restaurants and taverns all around Corfu, you will get to sample delightful tastes of the Ionian, with vivid influences from both the Venetian and the British cultures that have helped forge the unique identity of Corfu. Head out to explore this majestic island. Our concierge will be more than happy to suggest places to visit and things to do for an unforgettable Corfu experience.